Turtle Rock Anthem


Let me tell you something. I have not had much of a problem with A Link to the Past until now. But then I get to Turtle Rock. Oh, and then I get to this little area (pictured on the right.) Pardon my french, but holy s**t! Either I’ve lost all my muscle control, or that was one of the most annoying areas in any Zelda game. Whenever I wanted to turn, it decided that I wouldn’t be turning.  The boss was actually quite easy to figure out once I got to him. Way easier than that ridiculous maze.  Pro Tip: Color coding your bosses goes a long way into helping people figure out how to defeat them. I suppose next they’ll be collated. Haha. A little office humor. But I digress.  I just discovered that I am missing two heart pieces. I didn’t rely on a walkthrough, so somewhere along the way, I missed a couple. I did check the walkthrough to try to get an idea of where I could have misplaced them, but I don’t know. I’ll have to start looking in order when I play next. I’m hoping to wrap up this game by the weekend. Then I’ll attack Link’s Awakening and start the Okinawa Ocarina of Time 3D. From that point on, it’s turtles all the way down.