Whoa! Where did the time go?

ImageWell, it’s July 4 and I’m still playing Ocarina of Time. What the hell happened? ¬†To be perfectly honest with you, while I really enjoy the game, it doesn’t seem to have the addictive power the previous games did. In fact, I got as far as the temple of time, put the 3DS down and almost two months went by. Well, I can still make this adventure happen. So I am going to pick up my 3ds and force myself through this game!

I have also been quite busy, but I promised myself to do this, so that is what I will do! Grrrr. Motivation! ¬†Question time: Is there a Zelda game that you just found you couldn’t make it through as fast as others?


Quick Update

Hey everyone. I’m still fully into the adventure. I’ve just had to put gaming aside for a couple of weeks while I had a busy schedule. Be rest assured that I am still in the middle of The Ocarina of Time and I’m really enjoying it. I’m hoping to get back to my zelda schedule soon.