And the Master sword sleeps again……Forever!

Game Title – The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past

Start Time – February 13, 2012

End Time – February 29, 2012

System Played on – Nintendo Wii Virtual Console

Total Play Time – 14 Hours (Estimate. Wii doesn’t let me total my play time. Boo.)

Another one bites the dust. I just finished this great game, although I am left wanting. The final dungeons were fun, but they seemed a little too easy. After making my fingers bleed on Zelda 2, this one seemed rather pedestrian.  I made it through the last dungeon without evening needing a walkthrough at all. In fact, the only time I used a walkthrough was to find  two missing heart containers. It turns out that I forgot them at the very start of the game. One of them was still in the village. I forgot to bomb something.

The Ganon fight was rather straightforward. I knew there were silver arrows required somewhere, and I assumed that when he was white that is when I should use them. It seems to me that the best way to beat a Zelda game is to have played previous Zelda games. All the clues are already there. As for the good, I will say that I did enjoy the music in this game. Especially the ending theme. It was heartwarming. I also noticed that Link resurrected his uncle at the end. I wonder if there is a future for zombie uncle.

I wonder if the Aquifina Ocarina of Time will let me use the same hints that I’ve learned from previous Zelda’s. We’ll see. Now to finish Link’s Awakening.


Turtle Rock Anthem


Let me tell you something. I have not had much of a problem with A Link to the Past until now. But then I get to Turtle Rock. Oh, and then I get to this little area (pictured on the right.) Pardon my french, but holy s**t! Either I’ve lost all my muscle control, or that was one of the most annoying areas in any Zelda game. Whenever I wanted to turn, it decided that I wouldn’t be turning.  The boss was actually quite easy to figure out once I got to him. Way easier than that ridiculous maze.  Pro Tip: Color coding your bosses goes a long way into helping people figure out how to defeat them. I suppose next they’ll be collated. Haha. A little office humor. But I digress.  I just discovered that I am missing two heart pieces. I didn’t rely on a walkthrough, so somewhere along the way, I missed a couple. I did check the walkthrough to try to get an idea of where I could have misplaced them, but I don’t know. I’ll have to start looking in order when I play next. I’m hoping to wrap up this game by the weekend. Then I’ll attack Link’s Awakening and start the Okinawa Ocarina of Time 3D. From that point on, it’s turtles all the way down.


Weathercocks R Us

Just a quick update:  I’ve been plugging away at A Link to the Past when I’ve had a chance to. I decided to focus more on it than Link’s Awakening. I will finish the portable one a bit later. It’s tough to follow both games at the same time, given they both contain many similar elements and items.

 So far I’ve been able to collect a number of items without have to resort to a walkthrough. I even tricked that bat into halving my magic use by powdering his blood supply.  I also figured out how to beat the monsters in the first two dark world dungeons. Though I bombed one rather than hammering him. But, whatever works, right? I really hate those hoppy things (I guess they are called ropas) that take two hearts away from you in the dark work. I went to the witch’s house to top up my hearts, flashed back to the dark world and got into a fracas with one of them. I ended up down to four heart and having to backtrack back to the witches houses again. As much as I love Zelda games, I really suck at them.  I’m hoping to wrap this up in the next couple of weeks. I am not really rushing through it, however, since it is such an enjoyable game. So far I’d say the worst enemy is that damn bug eyed thing that forces you off the edge and makes you come back up to fight him again. I don’t know how many times he pushed me off that ledge. Grrr.

This dude sucks balls. 

A Link to The Past – (3 of 16)

Game Title – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Game Release date – 1991

Start Time – February 13, 2012

End Time – TBD

System Played on – Nintendo Wii Virtual Console

Walkthrough Used – Zelda Dungeon

I got some free time last night and decided to start A Link to the Past. I remember beating the game when I was younger, but for some reason nothing looked familiar. The music, the graphics and even the menus are very foreign looking to me.  It has been a long time. The game is, however, much much easier in the first two hours than Zelda II.  I’m actually glad I don’t remember playing the game the first time as it now feels like a brand new game.

There are many aspects to A Link to the Past that make it very different than the first two games. The first is that there are many clues all over the place. People will tell you exactly where you need to go and how to get there. This allowed me to find a whole ton of stuff early on (Ice Rod etc.) and complete the first palace within an hour. I died once during the boss battle, but I wouldn’t say it was hard at all. Overall, the game is quite enjoyable. I just love putting fairies in bottles. I also noticed that the music is a step up over previous games. I really love the warping effects in the songs. They add a ton of mystery to the game.  I’m looking forward to playing more of this game when I get some time. I have a feeling I can warp this up by the end of February.

Housekeeping:  I also started playing Link’s Awakening last night before bed. I will post about that tomorrow in a separate article. My goal is to have two games going on at the same time. One portable, and one on the TV. I think I may be able to wrap up this adventure in less than a year.