A Link to The Past – (3 of 16)

Game Title – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Game Release date – 1991

Start Time – February 13, 2012

End Time – TBD

System Played on – Nintendo Wii Virtual Console

Walkthrough Used – Zelda Dungeon

I got some free time last night and decided to start A Link to the Past. I remember beating the game when I was younger, but for some reason nothing looked familiar. The music, the graphics and even the menus are very foreign looking to me.  It has been a long time. The game is, however, much much easier in the first two hours than Zelda II.  I’m actually glad I don’t remember playing the game the first time as it now feels like a brand new game.

There are many aspects to A Link to the Past that make it very different than the first two games. The first is that there are many clues all over the place. People will tell you exactly where you need to go and how to get there. This allowed me to find a whole ton of stuff early on (Ice Rod etc.) and complete the first palace within an hour. I died once during the boss battle, but I wouldn’t say it was hard at all. Overall, the game is quite enjoyable. I just love putting fairies in bottles. I also noticed that the music is a step up over previous games. I really love the warping effects in the songs. They add a ton of mystery to the game.  I’m looking forward to playing more of this game when I get some time. I have a feeling I can warp this up by the end of February.

Housekeeping:  I also started playing Link’s Awakening last night before bed. I will post about that tomorrow in a separate article. My goal is to have two games going on at the same time. One portable, and one on the TV. I think I may be able to wrap up this adventure in less than a year.


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