I was really worried about how long it would take me to finish Zelda II, but things are moving along swimmingly. I breezed through the third, fourth and fifth dungeons, and I’m preparing to tackle the sixth next. Ironknuckles don’t pose a problem anymore, and Gooma, the boss of level 5, the boss I worried would be the most difficult, actually turned out to be the easiest. I figured out his little pattern, and it was so easy it wasn’t funny.

You’re not the boss of me.

     I know the biggest challenges are yet to come. I’m going to be humble about what’s next and assume I will get my butt kicked thoroughly before I finish this game. But if I know Shigeru Miyamoto and his team, there will be something there I can use to make my journey just a little more manageable. We’ll see.

Housekeeping:  I got my copy of Skyward Sword in the mail, but the back of the Wii case is damaged. This put me in a foul mood and I fired off an irate mail to Play Asia about it. I’ll see what they do about it. I don’t think it was damaged during shipping, as the packing it came it was in good shape.

  Also, after Zelda II I plan to start doing two Zelda games as the same time. I’ll play one on the TV and one on my 3DS. That was I can always enjoy a little Zelda on the road. Though I am concerned that at this pace it might become a six month adventure. Like I said before, we’ll see.

 Along those lines, I here there is a possible “second quest” in Zelda II, but there is much debate about whether or not this is a real “second quest” or not. The game is pretty tough as it is, so I’m going to put it out to you: Should I be require to play this “second quest” to complete my One-Year-Adventure? Let me know in the comments.


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