Learning Curve


I’ve been making quite a bit of progress in Zelda II since I started it. I eventually got by Horsehead and made my way to Death Mountain. It took me a long time to level up enough to clear the area, but I got the hammer, picked up the down thrust and fairy, and I breezed through the second dungeon. I’m really starting to get the hang of the combat in this game. It really takes patience and practice to get used to how you are supposed to attack each monster. It’s much more subtle than the first Zelda. I’ll be honest with you: I think I’m starting to like it, actually. We’ll see. I hear the later level are hell on Earth. We’ll have to see if I’m ready for the heat. 

I hate it when they do that!

   Housekeeping: I picked up a copy of one of the Oracle games. The blue one. It’s in Japanese, so I’ll have to figure out which one it actually is later. I got it for a hundred yen because the battery in the cartridge is dead. I reckon I can swap it out myself. I’ll leave that little adventure for another day.


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