You Have an Amazing Wisdom and Power

Game Title – The Legend of Zelda

Start Time – Early January

End Time – February 4, 2012

System Played on – Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (Ambassador Program)

Total Play Time – 22:20

Well, that’s a wrap on the first Legend of Zelda. I finished both quests and it only took me twenty-two hours and seventy deaths. Despite its age and lack of hints, The Legend of Zelda I is still an amazing game and I would recommend it as a must play to any gamer. I really don’t think gamers can understand where today’s games come from if they can’t understand the history of the genre. In this case action RPG gaming. Zelda was a pioneer of this type.

I’d say the hardest part of the entire game was the last dungeon on the second quest. Not necessarily the monsters in it, but rather the shear size. I spent three hours in there and had to come back twice. Not only that, I had to resort to using  a gamefaqs map to figure out where the heck I was. I ended up going in circles. The red bubbles were the most frustrating part of the second quest. They take away the ability to use your sword and  you are boned until you find a blue bubble. I used my wand as a backup and it seemed to work out ok.

I’m just glad I can now move on to the next challenge. The last dungeon really made me want to get on with the one year adventure.  And that is The Legend of Zelda II: Link’s Adventure.


2 thoughts on “You Have an Amazing Wisdom and Power

  1. Good job on your wisdom 😀 I seem to have stumbled across you one game in, but I’ll be watching you carry on! Can’t wait for the N64 versions, they’re still my favourite. Well, actually I preferred playing Ocarina of Time recently on the 3DS, but same game…

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