The Game that never seems to end

I really thought I’d be done with the Legend of Zelda by now. It’s February 1 and I still have three dungeons left to go in the second quest. I’m still enjoying the game, but I just can’t seem to get into a rhythm with it like I used to when I was younger. Level five was incredibly difficult. Level six wasn’t as bad, but still pretty freaking hard. I’m also trying not to use a walkthrough as much as possible. In fact, I found level seven on my own. I had a hunch about it and it turned out to be true. I’d say the thing I hate the most about the dungeons are these guys:

In this shot you have the most annoying enemies in the game. The like-likes are the pancake like creatures that eat your shield if you let them. The wizzrobes are the blue and red wizards that suck your life down at an alarming rate . And that red ball? It stuns you and keeps you from attacking. You have to find a blue ball to attack again. In fact, if there is only a red ball on a screen and you lose your ability to attack, you need to find a blue ball somewhere else to get that back. Oh my god, is that annoying.  Thanks to this awful combination of creatures on level five, I am nearing sixty deaths. I think I should aim for how many times I can die in this game.

I am now about to embark on level seven. Hopefully it goes better than the previous two.

Housekeeping: I just ordered Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword from Play Asia. The English versions! So that takes care of those titles. I also found an old copy of Oracle of Ages at a used game store in Morioka. It’s only one hundred yen (About a $1.20) However, the save battery is dead. I might have to get a special 0.38mm bit screw driver and do a little surgery. I make up my mind about that on the weekend. At the moment we are having a blizzard in northern Japan and it is making travel impossible.


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