The Second Quest

According to my 3DS, I have put eleven hours into this game so far. I will assume that a good three or four of them have been spent in the second quest. I want to outline some of the things that shocked me about this particular quest:

1. Where them heart containers at?

2. Why are there last-dungeon monsters in level one?

3. Every rock wall I bomb turns out to be a gambling parlor instead of something useful(heart container.)

4. Either pay 50 rupees are sacrifice a heart container? Ouch!  Blackmail, much?

I believe my death count it now at sixty. I never said I was a good player. I just said I wanted to play through all the games.   I got through level four last night and I’d say it took me about three or four runs to get everything out of that dungeon. So far it has been the hardest dungeon for me (Quest one included.)  What surprised me the most was level three. It was ridiculously easy. I almost thought it must have been a trap.  It wasn’t a trap. It was just easy beyond belief. Huh. The second quest goes a long way to mess with your mind. On to level five!

Housekeeping: I checked around Morioka to see if I could get my hands on more Zelda games. I also checked Play-asia and some other sites to see if I could secure all the games I would need to complete this blog. Everything seems good except for those two infamous Gameboy Color Games: The Oracle of Seasons and Ages. I’m not sure how I will get my hands on those. I could either try to find someone willing to sell them to me, or I could get my hands on that 2001 gamecube disc that has them included. I’m really hoping Nintendo adds them to the e-shop before the year is done. I will buy them if they do.

P.S. I always lose at the money making game. Always!


The Legend of Zelda – The First Adventure (1 of 16)

Game Title – The Legend of Zelda

Game Release date – 1986

Start Time – Early January

End Time – February 4, 2012

System Played on – Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (Ambassador Program)

Walkthrough Used Zelda Dungeon 

I started the original Legend of Zelda in early January. My goal was to make it through  the game while I was still on vacation in the US, but life had other plans, and I am still playing this title back in Japan. I was able to blow through the first quest with limited use of a guide to help me. There were somethings I could not have found without the guide. I found the blue ring and some of the rupee areas with a walkthrough. Most of the dungeons were easy enough to get to, and I even stumbled upon dungeon number eight while clearing a shrub to try to get to the other side. It took me a while to work my way thought Ganon’s dungeon, but I still remember the trick for killing him from when I played the game twenty-four some years ago (You can look that up in any guide if you need to know.)

Impressions (Spoilers await thee)

One of the things that struck me the most while playing this game was the level of difficulty. Even the first quest could leave you dead pretty quickly if you weren’t careful. I liked the gradual ramp up in difficulty over the course of the game, but I thought many of the boss characters were rather easy. I assume they were not designed as the main challenge, but rather as a roadblock on your way to each triforce piece.

I really enjoyed making my way through each dungeon. That sense of discovery and challenge was present right from the start. I read an article on the mastery of Design in this game after I had played it, and I would have to agree that each level feels very non-linear even through there is a clear linear way to each boss. For a twenty-five year old game, it still felt very fresh.  I found a great place to rupee farm as well. I never used this my first time through, but it really helped. Especially with getting red potions and shields (I went through three. I had no idea there was a monster that ate them until I realized I was taking major damage in the last dungeon.)

The biggest roadblock for  me in this game was the ending. I actually found that I had no idea how to get to Zelda once I finished the game. I didn’t see any way to get though the flames, and didn’t know you just need to slash them to make them go out. In the end, I ran right through them and burned myself. It didn’t kill me, and I imagine that must have made an impression on her. If she had anyway to sense my chivalry, that is.

Overall I would say it took my around 3-4 hours to stumble through the game. I am now working my way thought the second quest and the next post will be an update on that. Overall I would recommend any serious gamer play this game. It is the foundation of solid action RPG gaming and a history lesson for anyone wanting to learn.

The Beginning…

Hi everyone!

First, a little introduction. My name is Jason and I live in northern Japan. I teach English here and I take photos of the beautiful places you can find here. I also like video games, which brings me to why I made this blog. It’s simple really:

Last year was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Legend of Zelda. When I was younger I played through these games with religious zeal. I can remember spending hours and hours trying to crack thought the last dungeon. The game opened up a sense of wonder in me that no other game had before or since.

So, to celebrate this amazing franchise and to reawaken that sense of discovery,  I have decided to play through every Zelda game from the first (The Legend of Zelda) to the most recent (Skyward Sword.) I made this blog to track my progress and to help me keep this promise to my self. I started the adventure in early January. I will use to the next post to begin the adventure. If you happen to have come across this blog by accident and you don’t know what the Legend of Zelda is, I would emplore you to look it up. The adventure begins now.